Sex Talk – 5 Things She Will Definitely Never Say To Her Man

 Sex Talk – 5 Things She Will Definitely Never Say To Her Man




When it comes to sex, there are certain things a guy is bound to hear his lady partner say; and there are some things that he will never, ever hear come out of her mouth. Of cours rose vib  e, run of the mill things like that feels good, or this is the best sex ever are common, and all guys want to hear them; and she may even mean it! But there are some things that women simply aren’t thinking when it comes to sex talk. Here are 5 examples and why she will never say them, as well as some tips to keep the penis healthy so she definitely won’t be saying, ewwww, what is that thing on his penis?

  1. Thanks for not using a condom, arguing about using a condom, or assuming that condoms — and all other forms of birth control — are 100% the woman’s responsibility.

Come on dudes, time to step it up in this department! If both partners have a vested interest in avoiding pregnancy – or sexual infections – both partners need to contribute to the cause. That means always having condoms on hand and/or pitching in to pay for the pill, the patch, the ring, and so on.

  1. My boyfriend is so awesome; he finishes his business without bothering to return the favor — like ever. Pink belly is awesome!

Sure, sometimes one partner finishes before the other – maybe even sooner than desired – but when it happens to him, he should at least offer to help her get there, too, or promise her round 2 in 10 minutes where the focus will be entirely on her end game. Nobody likes a selfish lover.

  1. It’s so cute that he told all his friends about that crazy sex move we tried – and every other detail that happens in the bedroom. Who needs privacy?

Sure, everybody has kissed and told someone, but nobody wants every little detail of their most intimate experiences shared with the world. This is especially true for a girl who is more modest and private regarding her love life. Nothing will catch her off guard like one of his jerk friends coming up, nudging her in the ribs, and saying how he wishes his girlfriend would do what she did last night. How embarrassing!

  1. Blow jobs are really fun – and should be given daily!

Women get it; blow jobs can be amazing – especially if she knows what she’s doing. But constantly asking for them, pressuring, or begging for a BJ isn’t going to win any points. Even women who say they love doing it need a break from it every so often; after all, they don’t call it a job for nothing.



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